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get to know me meme: [10/10] female characters » emily thorne

When everything you love has been stolen from you, sometimes all you have left is revenge.

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“Fires can’t be made with dead embers, nor can enthusiasm be stirred by spiritless men. Enthusiasm in our daily work lightens effort and turns even labor into pleasant tasks.”
—  James Baldwin (via meowofthevoid)
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get to know me -  [1/10] male characters: Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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“I’m not used to being loved. I wouldn’t know what to do.”
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, More Than Just A House (via fitzgeraldquotes)
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“Excuse me for being so intellectual. I know you would prefer something nice and feminine and affectionate.”
Zelda Fitzgerald, in a letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald (via jrmgh)
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"…the true master does not seek to run away from Death. He accepts that be must die, and understands that there are far, far worse things in the living world than dying.”

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“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland (via kushandwizdom)
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